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With the adoption of Telehealth (also known as online counselling or online therapy) since the start of the pandemic, our services have become accessible to

  • people who prefer the convenience of seeing me from their homes, and
  • people who need psychological therapy outside Singapore.

What is Telehealth, Online Counselling, or Online Therapy?

Telehealth, Telepsychology,  Online Counselling or Online Therapy has been used by providers of mental health counselling and psychotherapy for many years, and is common especially in countries with huge land mass such as USA and Canada.

Since the pandemic, Telehealth has proliferated throughout the world. Many mental health professionals adopted it to continue to serve their clients.

Studies conducted on the efficacy of Telehealth have found the clinical outcome is just as good as in-person therapy. In fact, in some cases, the outcome can be better than face-to-face therapy where clients suffer from a high degree of fear and phobia, and they feel safer in their own homes. The distance afforded by Telehealth is an added assurance to such clients.

Just before the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker in Singapore in 2020, I moved my in-person service to online video platform to pre-empt a disruption to therapy. Telehealth or Online Counselling and Therapy has allowed me to work with my clients without interruptions.

We may have weathered the worst of the pandemic, mutations and surges to emerge into more relaxed measures. However, no one knows if there will be further waves, or other infections or emergencies, that could prevent in-person contact in the clinic.

The pandemic was a watershed global event that has radically changed our lives, our societies, and in particular, how psychotherapy and mental health service is delivered.

One thing is certain: Telehealth is here to stay.

It will make mental health services accessible to many, beyond the constraints of physical barriers and geographical borders.

Encrypted and secure platform

I use an online video-based platform that is popular with the medical professionals and clinics in the USA. It is encrypted, secure and HIPAA compliant. [HIPAA is a USA law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which protects and ensures the lawful use of online health information of individuals.]

How do you access Telehealth?

The platform I use is simple and does not require you to download any software or maintain any account.

All you need to do is to scroll down to “Contact Us” and send me a message. I will get in touch with you to provide you with further information on seeing me through Telehealth.

Many of my clients are not “tech savvy”, yet they found it easy to connect with me via the platform I used.

What my clients like about Telehealth?

My clients have grown to appreciate Telehealth, not least because it saves them commuting time, avoids the hassle of crowded public transport, and does away with expenses of petrol and parking!

Some have found it particularly helpful because they are not able to travel for reasons of illness or immobility.

Others have found that with Telehealth, they are able to have their pets nestling besides them during the therapy sessions, giving them additional comfort.

Further, clients in Asia and beyond have been able to access my service through Telehealth.

What if you are not sure of Telehealth?

You are most welcome to ask me questions. I will be more than happy to address your doubts and concerns. Please send me a message via “Contact Us” so I can get in touch with you.