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Short Courses for Mental Wellbeing: Individuals & Couples

These short online courses offer bite-size information and skills to enhance mental wellbeing for individuals and couples.

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Manage your Mood by Regulating your Brain

a 60-minute online one-to-one training

A skill-based short training for those who are often overwhelmed feeling

  • angry
  • anxious
  • panicky
  • stressed
  • sad
  • hopeless
  • helpless.

You will learn

  • how the brain works
  • how to calm the brain to better manage your emotions
  • what to do thereafter to empower yourself to deal with the situation

Improve Couples Communications,
To Bond and Connect for Sound Couples Relationship

a 3-hour online training

 This is a targeted short course that helps couples grasp the salient concepts and skills of mutually supportive and empathetic communications.

If you and your partner are troubled by

  • Frustration that you can’t get through to each other
  • Frequent arguing and bickering
  • Thoughts like “it is too hard to talk”

You will learn in this short training

  • Fundamentals of a safe and secure relationship
  • Unconscious blind spots: words and behaviour that hurt
  • Antidotes to toxic communications
  • How to apply the skills

Couples: Regular Deep Conversations, without Tears

a 60-minute online training

Couples know that they need regular deep conversations to keep in synch with each other. They are also aware that regular productive conversations nourish a warm and resilient relationship.

But they complain that when they try to go beyond “How’s work?” at the end of a working day, their effort often ends up in tears and frustration:

  • he just wants to lecture me, even though he is clueless about my office dynamics
  • it’s a chance for her to find fault with me, instead of supporting me
  • he/she just does not listen
  • I am made to feel not important enough for his/her attention.

In this short training, you will learn

  • How to be “be there” for each other
  • Skills to make you partner feel validated, supported, cared for
  • Skills to help your partner open up about his/her deeper concerns
  • How and when to explore alternative perspectives with your partner


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