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Emotional and Mental Wellbeing with EMDR

If you are feeling

  • Depressed, anxious, panic, stressed
  • Angry, sad
  • Trapped, on edge, tense, touchy, irritable
  • A sense of dread about the future
  • Worthless, not good enough, no confidence, low self esteem
  • Fearful that people will leave you or abandon you
  • Filled with guilt, self-blame, shame
  • Troubled by flashback or intrusive thoughts of past events
  • Distressed by past or present abuse: emotional, psychological or physical
  • Distressed by negative life experience, past failure
  • Distressed by trauma
  • Dependency on or addiction to sex, excessive spending, gambling
  • Scared of flying, dental treatment, animals, insects

Or if at work, you are feeling

  • Tired, overwhelmed, loss of directions and aspiration
  • Frustrated by procrastination
  • Pressured by perfectionism
  • Worried by job performance, prospects, promotion, retrenchment, retirement
  • Distressed by workplace tension, changes and transitions
  • Stressed by incessant pressure for higher sales and performance targets
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I invite you to come and have a chat to offload what’s on your mind, and look for ways to manage or resolve the source of your problems. Therapy will help you gain insight, reclaim your inner power and move ahead with positive self-belief, confidence and joy.

The program Emotional and Mental Wellbeing with EMDR is based on EMDR Therapy [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing] and its recent advances, which have been rigorously researched and proven to be an effective and efficient method to treat a range of emotional challenges and mental health issues.

The Program can be broadly summarised as follows, though it will be customised according to the specific needs and conditions of each client:

Assessment Phase

  • History-taking, psychological assessment
  • Identifying incidents that precipitated the symptoms
  • Treatment Planning

Treatment Phase

  • Building psychological resources, learning self-soothing and coping skills
  • Assessing and processing target memories
  • Re-evaluating target memories
  • Consolidating newly emerged positive views of the self

Discharge Preparation

  • Envisioning growth: your new narrative about self-belief, behaviour and relationship
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