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Thank You for Visiting My Website

My name is Wang Yi Shing,
Founder of Acorn Counselling & Psychotherapy

You may be here because you are experiencing problems
at work, at home, or with your relationships,
or you may have problem sleeping,
feeling stressed and anxious.

If so, I am sorry to learn that you are struggling.

I want you to know that you don’t have to suffer alone,
That professional help is available.
We will work together to uncover your inner strength
So that you can overcome your difficulties

I invite you to contact us to make an appointment today

I wish you well.

acorn therapy founder signature

Wang Yi Shing

Founder, Principal Psychotherapist


Is a boutique psychotherapy service focused on quality delivery of evidence-based and effective psychological therapy for individuals and couples.

Yi Shing, our founder, has worked extensively with individuals to regain emotional and mental wellness, and with couples, to build sound relationship.

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